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              發布日期:2019/10/10 17:26:21   作者:漢合有色金屬有限公司 



              Guangdong HanHe Nonferrous Metals Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of tin smelting, recycling, Main operation the tin secondary materials of recycling, as well as the primary material smelting. Secondary materials were obtained from domestic suppliers has ended the life of materials, by-products or intermediate products. And our cassiterite from purchasing domestic mines.

                  根據 2010 年 7 月 21 日生效的《多德—弗蘭克華爾街改革和消費者保護法案》第 1502 節規定:“沖突礦物”包括錫石及其衍生物,同時還有其它兩種礦物和黃金。公司支持這項法案所要達成的目標,也從 未與剛果民主共和國東部省份有關沖突采礦行業聯系,并將認可此項法律對于在美國證券交易所的上市公司所做的相關披露要求。

              Section 1502 of the US Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act effective on July 21st 2010 defines ‘Conflict Minerals’ as including ‘cassiterite and its derivatives’ along with two other minerals and gold.  Guangdong HanHe Nonferrous Metals Company Limited generally supports the objectives of this law and has no link between mining and conflict in the eastern Provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and recognize the disclosure requirements which this law imposes on SEC reporting companies in the US.

              經濟合作與發展組織(OECD)和聯合國(UN)已經發布了大體相似的指導方針,用于對采購來自沖突 地區和高風險地區的礦物的公司進行盡職調查,聯合國發布的指導方針明確提到了剛果民主共和國。方針 鼓勵有關公司在建立其盡職調查規程時利用好 OECD 指導,并倡導在負責采購的同時,增加政策靈活性以 便使貿易可以繼續進行。

              Both the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the United Nations (UN) have released broadly similar guidelines for company due diligence on minerals from conflict affected and high risk areas, and in the case of the UN, specifically for the DRC. The OECD guidance encourages companies to draw upon it as they establish their due diligence practices, and the guidance aims to promote responsible sourcing by incorporating the flexibility to allow trade to continue.

              公司并不從剛果金或毗鄰國家進口錫礦.Our company does not source cassiterite from the DRC or adjoining countries. 我們正在推進無沖突煉廠計劃和審計進程,保證錫錠和產品的來源與沖突地區沒有任何聯系。 We are engaged in the Conflict Free Smelter Programme and participate in auditing processes to provide assurance for our customers that our tin ingot and products are from sources not linked to conflict. 盡管我們并不從剛果金或毗鄰國家進口錫石,但我們都可以確保公司內部人員,冶煉廠經理或礦石采 購員等了解美國的“沖突礦物”法。我們同樣也讓我們的供應商了解了相關標準。Although not sourcing cassiterite from the DRC or adjoining countries, we have made relevant personnel within our company such as smelter managers and mineral purchasers aware of the ‘conflict minerals’ law of the US. We have also made our suppliers aware of these criteria.

              此聲明從 2017  1 1 日起生效 This statement is effective from January 1, 2017。



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